National Academy of Best-Selling Authors – The Quilly Award

What is The Quilly Award?

The Quilly® Award was founded by the National Academy of Best-Selling Authors® to commemorate an author’s achievement of being named to a nationally recognized Best-Seller list.

The Quilly Award is exclusively distributed at the Academy’s Annual Golden Gala™ in Hollywood. This gala is a Hollywood-style, red carpet, celebration where authors can mingle and network among others who have also been able to achieve best-selling status.

Each Quilly Award is a 14-inch commemorative gold statue that has been crafted by the same artisans who sculpt the Oscars and Emmy Awards.

No award conveys Best-Selling Author status as recognizably and elegantly as the Quilly Award, and it is the perfect centerpiece within an author’s display of accomplishments and awards.

About the National Academy of Best-Selling Authors

The National Academy of Best-Selling Authors was created by attorneys Nick Nanton and JW Dicks. Both best-selling authors themselves, they saw a need for recognition and celebration for authors who had made some of the lower visibility – yet just as important – best-seller lists. Often, they realized, unless you made a giant best-seller list like that of The New York Times, your best-selling author status may not get much attention. This is something they aimed to change and change it they did! The National Academy of Best-Selling Authors now annually recognizes best-selling authors from many categories and lists – including many independent lists – across many different genres. This is done at the Annual Golden Gala′ in Hollywood as mentioned above. This is where the best-selling authors receive their Quilly Award from the Academy.